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Since the May local elections Datchworth has a brand-new council, one with a new ethos, new approach and new agenda.

And now a council with a totally new look.

Although not a priority, we were – for various reasons – immediately required to change our logo and identity, which we took as an opportunity to create something distinctive, unique, strong, idiosyncratic. And fun.

Fortuitous personal connections allowed a top UK brand designer to be engaged totally free of charge to professionally create something that answered the DPC’s brief of being a beautiful, traditional, rural parish.

One that above all reflected us being a friendly community.

With an empathetic and positive minded council.

Restoring Harmony!

Welcome to the new DPC look – centred around our unique icon – ‘the people tree’.

A fun symbol of rural nature fused with lively people.

From the end of this month this new identity representing the DPC’s values – will be seen on all our communications, website and in social media.


We hope you like it.

Website Logo hi res