astonbury woodland

Astonbury Wood

Astonbury Wood has been put up for sale by Hertfordshire County Council. Aston Parish Council have launched an e-petition on the Herts County Council website asking the County Council to sell the woodland only to a person or organisation that clearly demonstrates that their ownership will: 

  1. Maximise the social and environmental benefit to the local community; encouraging greater recreational involvement and continued public use of the woodland
  2. Focus on increasing the extent and quality of all the habitats and biodiversity in the woodland
  3. Have the capability and resources to maintain and operate the wood on a sustainable basis

They need at least 250 signatures to be able to raise their concerns at a County Council meeting, so please click on the link, register and sign the petition.

ePetition link

The e-petition closes on 29 January 2021.

As every signature counts, a couple should each register and sign individually.

Please share the link with as many other interested people as you can who live or work in Hertfordshire.

If you would like be kept informed of progress please email