Councillor Contact Details, Delegated Responsibilities, Liaison,  & Working Groups

Updated May 2022

Councillors Contact Details

Jane Dodson

Mrs Jane Dodson


I joined the Parish Council in 2019 as a Councillor and was then voted as Vice-Chair and Chair. I am involved with various aspects of our lovely village and sit on several committees.

I am passionate about all things ecological and democratic and I sincerely hope to impart my passion for these areas going forwards.

My time served as a Governor at Datchworth Primary School and my involvement with various charities over the years (as Chair/Vice-Chair/volunteer) has given me a great deal of knowledge and experience which is invaluable in my Councillor role.

I have lived in the village for nearly twenty years with my husband and family.

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Mr Tony Stowe


I have always been passionate about protecting the rural nature of our Parish and in my time as Parish Councillor have in involved in many duties which include Highways, Road Safety, Planning and Sports Club liaison. I also chaired the Steering Group for the Datchworth Parish Plan, who published in 2009 The Interim Proposals – A vision for the Parish in the future. Currently, I sit on the HR/CLIPS/Leisure Plots Committees.

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Anne Barker photo

Mrs Anne Barker

I have lived in this area for over 12 years.  My interests are many but include nature,  environment, rural affairs, wellbeing and community engagement. I am especially interested in reaching out to those in the Burnham Green area.
I have worked in careers advice, employment and skills throughout Herts and beyond for over 40 years. My life’s work has been to help people help themselves move on in their learning and working life. My motto is “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”
I look forward to being of service to the local community.

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Mrs Tracy Chapman


Hello Everyone

As your Elected Representative my responsibilities are Planning, Amenities & Outdoor Spaces, Communications, Compliance, Legal, Insurance & Policies (CLIPs), Highways and the Land Adjacent to 10 Datchworth Green project.
Recently retired, I have a background in the Technology Sector and now have the time to devote myself to the running of our beautiful Parish.
I am available to anyone who may have a problem, suggestion or even a complaint. I’m happy to help where I can.
I look forward to meeting you all.

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Mrs Katy Feldman

I was born in Stevenage and moved to Datchworth when I was 17. We were told that it would take at least 15 years for us to be considered local, something that happily has now changed.
I have always been involved in community matters, I was the treasurer of Tewin School Parents Association for 4 years and I am on the Burnham Green Village Hall and Festival Committee.
My daughter attended Tiddlywinks and Datchworth Pre-school, she has also volunteered at Datchworth Brownies.  I joined the council to give back to the village I love. I am keen to improve the leisure facilities for all ages, especially teenagers.

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Mr James Garrod


I’m James Garrod, married with children at both Datchworth Pre-School and at All Saints.

I am a househusband with a background in Financial Services Compliance.

I am active in village life and am a keen supporter of village activities.

I am a committee member and treasurer of Datchworth Tiddlywinks Playgroup.

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Charlie pic

Mr Charlie Groves


My name is Charlie Groves and I was born and raised in Harlow for 18 years. When I was 18, I joined the corps of Her Majesty’s Royal Engineers where I spent 13 years of service before leaving in 2013 due to illness.

I moved to Datchworth in 2015 to settle down with my family and enjoy my retired life.

Trying to find things to keep myself busy, I took on two of the leisure plots at the Turkey Farm Park (which is where you might have seen me if you walk a dog down there).

In 2019 my partner came up with the idea that I should become a Parish Councillor to take up a bit more of my time, to help out and to keep trying to make our lovely village of Datchworth as beautiful as ever.

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DSC 1286

Mr Paul Hill


I moved to Hertfordshire with my family over twelve years ago.  I am a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the IChemE. The experience I hope to bring to DPC is in the analysis of issues and providing possible solutions based on facts and cost effectiveness. All this while complying with statutory regulations and East Herts District’s and our own policies and standards. In my work I have been active in reducing emissions to the environment by improving designs and pushing for improvements in safety, while providing products needed/ wanted by the world.  I hope that this experience can help to improve our parish and community while enabling considered growth, where needed.

Mark Light

Mr Mark Light


My family and I moved to Datchworth in 1998 and within weeks found ourselves involved in one of the many village groups, with my son even enrolled for Rugby Minis at the tender age of 6.

Each year confirms to me that we are so fortunate to live in a diverse and vibrant Parish, with a community spirit the like of which is now sadly becoming rare.  I believe my role as a councillor is to ensure that the fabric of the Parish, its facilities and amenities, are safe and well maintained, and also to ensure that the great many groups and clubs, and the tireless volunteers who run them, are encouraged and positively supported.

david little

Mr David Little


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Clerk to the Council

picture SH

Clerk to the Council – Susan Hake

Clerk to the Council

I am a CiLCA qualified Clerk and have a background in financial management and auditing with over 20 years’ experience over all three tiers of local government (County Council, District Council and Town/Parish). I enjoy the diversity of the clerk role to support the community and confess to being a bit of a workaholic!

I relocated to Hertfordshire from Somerset three years ago and have recently purchased a house in Welwyn that I am renovating.

In my spare time I enjoy attending sporting and music events, world travel and spending time with my family.

Tel: 07938 743424


Community Ranger

Nick K photo

Community Ranger

Community Ranger

I have been actively involved in the village since moving to Datchworth in 2005, playing Rugby and Tennis for the village teams. I am presently Treasurer for the Tennis Club and Fete, assist Furniture Friends and also a volunteer for Church Grass cutting. My interests are the great outdoors and include open water swimming and running.  I originally volunteered to keep the village tidy and took the part-time role in 2021 that now also includes Playground Inspections and Health & Safety.


Responsible Financial Officer

Wendy RFO pic

Responsible Financial Officer – Wendy Prowle

Responsible Financial Officer

I lived in Datchworth for 17 years until 2018 when I moved to Spain. I have 2 sons that grew up in Datchworth, one is now a teacher in Biggleswade and the other an engineer in the Royal Navy.

Whilst in Datchworth I was involved with many local organisations including the Pre-school, PTA, Village Hall and Parish magazine, as treasurer.

In addition, for 10 of those years I was the Clerk for Datchworth Parish Council, where I became very involved in the village and many of its residents. I also co-wrote ‘A History of Datchworth’ book with Jane Walker – the initial proceeds of which went to purchasing the Christmas tree, electrics and lighting for Datchworth Green.

Prior to moving to Datchworth I worked as an accounts & wages clerk for Safeway PLC until I was made redundant upon its closure. Since moving to Spain I have continued to be involved with the Parish Council, working remotely, more so since 2020 when I was contracted to take on the financial side of things as their RFO.


District Councillor

Mr Tony Stowe

District Councillor

I have served you and our community of Datchworth and Aston on East Herts Council since 2017. In that time I have been extremely active and apart from my usual duties, I have served on the Development Management Committee, Standards Committee, Financial Sustainability Committee and several Sub-Committees, Panels and Outside bodies. I will always continue to work to protect our Green Belt and the rural nature of our villages for us all to enjoy. I am always happy to hear from residents about they worries and concerns and I will not be able to solve all problems, but I will always listen and do what I can to help.

Tel: 01438 812327


County Councillor

Mr Ken Crofton

County Councillor

I was firstly elected as your County Councillor in 2013. Having lived in the area all my life I knew that the Hertford Rural Division I now serve was the largest and most rural Division of all in Hertfordshire. The responsibility to support all 15 Parish Councils in my Division has been a full time commitment and one I have enjoyed. Working with so many Parish Councillors who also give their time and enthusiasm voluntarily and often go unappreciated has been inspiring.

As a County Councillor I do not receive a salary and have not claimed expenses and work from my home office. My experience as a businessman and now in my 27th year as a magistrate has been useful in processing the 150 to 250 emails and case work I receive each week.

I am proud of a well run County Council that has been effective and continually drives an efficiency transformation agenda to make better use of Council tax payers money. HCC has produced a balanced budget even with yearly reductions of millions of pounds from central government funding whilst we have protected front line services.

The finances have been assisted by profits from our trading companies Herts for learning an educational supplies operation and Herts Catering for schools. A joint development company called Herts Living has been created to build houses on the many disused sites HCC own around the County. As a result we can maximise our returns for the Council tax payers.

Thank you for your support.

Delegated Responsibilities

Finance Committee:

Cllrs. J Dodson, K Feldman, J Garrod and C Groves (Chair)

HR Committee:
Cllrs. J Dodson (Chair), T Stowe and A Barker

Planning Committee:
Cllrs.  T Chapman, J Dodson, J Garrod and C Groves (Chair tbc)

Working Groups

Burnham Green Joint Management Committee (including Inter-Village Liaison):
Cllrs. A Barker, T Chapman and J Dodson

Communications, Police & Neighbourhood Watch:
Cllrs. T Chapman, J Dodson, K Feldman, J Garrod and M Light (Chair tbc)

Compliance, Legal Issues, Insurance and Policies (CLIPs):
Cllrs. A Barker, T Chapman, J Dodson, P Hill and T Stowe (Chair tbc)

Cllrs. A Barker, J Garrod and C Groves (Chair tbc)

Health and Well-Being:
Cllrs. A Barker, P Hill & M Light (Chair tbc)

Cllrs. T Chapman, C Groves and P Hill (Chair tbc)

Leisure Plots:
Cllrs. A Barker, C Groves & T Stowe (Chair tbc)

Amenities and Open Spaces (TAOS):
Cllrs. T Chapman, J Dodson, J Garrod and C Groves (Chair tbc)

J Dodson, J Garrod, C Groves and M Light (Chair tbc)


Burnham Green Village Hall
Cllrs. A Barker & K Feldman

Datchworth Village Hall:
Cllr. J Dodson

Sports/Rugby Club:
Cllrs. K Feldman & M Light

Working Groups

Plough Car Park:
Cllrs. T Chapman, J Dodson, K Feldman, P Hill & M Light