Parish Council meetings will take place in Datchworth Church Hall, starting at 7.00pm. (No meetings in August and December).

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Meeting DateMeeting TitleAgendaMinutesAppendices
Tue 23rd Nov, 2021Parish Council MeetingNA
Tue 26th Oct, 2021Parish Council Meeting – CANCELLEDNA
Tue 28th Sep, 2021Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadView All
Wed 25th Aug, 2021Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadNA
Tue 27th Jul, 2021Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadView All
Tue 22nd Jun, 2021Parish Council Meeting
Revised date 25th June 2021
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Tue 15th Jun, 2021Compliance, Legal Issues, Insurance and Policies Committee Meeting DownloadNA
Tue 15th Jun, 2021Trees, Amenities and Open Spaces Committee Meeting DownloadNA
Tue 15th Jun, 2021Communications Committee Meeting DownloadNA
Fri 28th May, 2021Annual Parish Meeting Download DownloadView All
Tue 25th May, 2021Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadView All
Wed 5th May, 2021HR Meeting DownloadView All
Tue 4th May, 2021Parish Council AGM & Meeting Download DownloadView All
Mon 26th Apr, 2021Finance Meeting Download DownloadView All
Tue 23rd Mar, 2021Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadView All
Fri 12th Mar, 2021HR Meeting DownloadNA
Tue 23rd Feb, 2021Parish Council Meeting Download Download
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Tue 26th Jan, 2021Parish Council Meeting Download Download
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Wed 6th Jan, 2021Finance Meeting Download DownloadNA

Future meeting dates are subject to change.

Residents are welcome to attend the meetings (but do not have an automatic right to speak). If you wish to put a point to the meeting, please contact the Chair or Clerk of DPC at least 3 days before the meeting.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) – takes place in May. This is a formal meeting to re-elect the Chair and Vice-Chair and to delegate the councillor’s responsibilities. Residents are welcome but cannot participate.

Annual Parish Meeting (APM) – takes place between 1st March  –  1st June (date TBA). All residents are welcome. This meeting is specifically an opportunity for DPC to report on its activities over the previous year and for the residents to speak openly to DPC.